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FileBound 8.2 Features 


Updates to Project Settings 

There are some updates to the project settings section of FileBound. Most notably, you can now configure 100 index fields in your project. This is helpful for documents like medical records, loan applications, or any other data-intensive project that you will need to be able to index. These fields are non-searchable and can be date fields, option lists, numbers, or text fields.   

Updates to Web Viewer 

The web viewer now allows users to modify PDFs within the viewer. You can rotate, reorder, and delete the pdf pages. You can even drag and drop to add pages to existing PDFs.  

Updates to Workflow 

You can now evaluate blank values for date or numeric fields in the workflow. This adds value to the workflow when key dates or numbers are missing. You can elevate those documents to different users if appropriate.   

FileBound 8.2 also allows for disabling task buttons on the assignments page. What this means is that your users will have to open and review each document before moving it along in the process. It allows for accountability among the users.  

Upland has also added a “Rights” option to the workflow Process Settings tab. This option allows you to select which users can submit documents down the workflow process, giving you more control over your workflows. 

Updates to Forms 

GroupBox control has been added to the Forms Designer. Using this control, you can create a box and then move multiple controls into it to create a group. Groups can be helpful in address fields or anything else that share a commonality with it. This also allows for single-condition rules to be applied to a group rather than having to be applied individually.  

Users can now delete rows in a table when using the forms.   

The FileBound logo on the Forms Portal can now be clicked to take you back to the main portal page. 

Other Key Features 

  • FileBound Drive, Microsoft Word, and the Excel Reporting Add-In have all been updated to work with SSO authentication. 

  • All functionality that existed in Integration Platform has been moved to Importer. 

  • OAuth authentication in the DocuSign integration is supported. 

  • Secure password requirements are now displayed when a user is forced to change their password. 

  • Nine preconfigured widgets will now be added for users with a blank Workspace by default. 

  • Users are now able to sort items on the Assignments page differently for workflows from the same project.

  • Added a User Name column to the System Errors report. 

  • Increased the maximum export size from the Search page to 5,000 lines or 200 pages. 

  • Added a My Orphaned Documents widget to the Workspace—this allows you to manage documents that are abandoned over the course of a workflow and never assigned to a user.

Tromba Technologies is a proud FileBound reseller. For more information about these features or to schedule a demo, please visit our website at or call us at (303) 680-2146. 

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