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Kofax is now Tungsten Automation

Change can be a scary proposition. It forces us to face unknown outcomes, uncertainty, and potentially unintended consequences. However, change is necessary to experience growth. It allows your strengths to be exposed and allows you to identify what your potential opportunities are. Change allows your company to become flexible and adaptable to new outside forces. It is in this spirit that Kofax is announcing its own rebrand to Tungsten Automation.   

This decision is reflected by the company's desire to embrace the evolution of their company and industry while still maintaining their identity, capability and aspirations. Kofax's roots are cemented in a document capture company helping their customers transition from a paper-based environment to a digital hyper automation based one. Today, Tungsten Automation is dedicated to embracing change and innovation that will meet and exceed their customers' needs.   

What will remain unchanged is Tungsten Automation's ability and commitment to providing industry-leading solutions. They will continue to offer a diverse portfolio of products that range from machine learning cognitive capture to artificial intelligence backed smart process applications. These offerings are the best of breed in their industry and will continue to be in the future.   

Tungsten Automation's name and branding change may invoke some fear, but it is necessary to move forward and adapt with a changing industry. They are committed to remaining a global industry leader with a suite of solutions that can be tailored to your specific challenges. Tromba Technologies is excited to continue our partnership with Kofax, now Tungsten Automation. 

We look forward to the ability to continue to offer best-in-class solutions for your business. For more information, please contact Tromba Technologies.   

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