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Transform Your Daily Workload With TrombaAI


When looking at your daily schedule, you may see the same tedious and boring tasks. Your time is not well spent doing the important tasks, making human decisions. But TrombaAI allows your workload to flow easily with intelligent automation. TrombaAI has a productive environment with a clear work queue and centralized workspace.

TrombaAI has predefined configurations that meet many needs and provide industry best practices such as TrombaAI for Invoices and TrombaAI for Claims. TrombaAI can also be tailored to your specific needs. It is built on a framework of automation intelligence technologies. Existing solutions can be modified to accommodate you, or new automaton solutions can be tailored specifically for you. It is whatever you need it to be to make your daily workload easier.

With the utilization of Cognitive Document Automation and Robotic Process Automation, you will not need to perform repetitive tasks. Retrieving pieces of information from anywhere for automation and completing tasks is what TrombaAI is and does for its users. So, you can take that stress of repetitive tasks off your shoulder and put it onto the TrombaAI.

Just some of the document sources that can automate for you are paper, email, and electronic forms, along with tedious tasks that a robot can complete with little complication. On top of that, machine learning will improve the performance of TrombaAI with every task. Your business can scale up or down your operation and storage need quickly to suit your situation, allowing flexibility as your needs change.

TrombaAI contains a very user-friendly interface and reduces the complexity of manual processing. On top of that, TrombaAI provides early visibility through centralized, front-end capture. This means with the easy-to-use interface, you can get visible captures of work to make your life easier.

TrombaAI has a Business Analytics and Process Analytics dashboard that answers when, who, how long, how often, etc. These can be used efficiently and effectively to get down into the nitty-gritty of what goes on behind the scenes, things like statistics, how efficiently things can be done, and what can be done better in the future through analytics shown through the business and process analytics tabs.

Those are just a few simple reasons to switch to TrombaAI. Let your workload transform into only the important and meaningful tasks only you can do. And don’t worry about lost work, as it is all backed up and saved for you, meaning you can work with coworkers efficiently from anywhere. So, keep your workday less stressful and more organized using TrombaAI.

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