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TrombaAI's Cognitive Document Automation

Automation Technology System

TrombaAI is an amazingly useful tool that can make your work life the easiest it can be through the automation of processes that once were boring and tedious. TrombaAI offers your business many benefits. It allows you to set up a virtual and robot-automated office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, at any time. Let Tromba Automated Intelligence perform processing and work around the clock to improve your business efficiency.

Through cognitive document automation (CDA), TrombaAI combines multichannel document capture (including mobile) and intelligent OCR, giving users the power to quickly and accurately process any document important to any business. TrombaAI can augment cognitive capture with robotic process automation (RPA) and other intelligent capabilities such as process orchestration and analytics. TrombaAI can deploy a comprehensive business workflow to manage and optimize all document and data capture tasks to lower operational costs and improve customer engagement.

Machine Learning

TrombaAI has the ability to intelligently automate acquiring, understanding, and integrating information when it is needed and necessary. And to put the cherry on top, the AI has machine learning built in, for both scanning and recognition. Machine learning transforms structured and unstructured data into actionable insights, and embedded AI smartly recognizes people, content, and context. Cognitive Document Automation learns from you as a user where information is in the document and will become more efficient with every use. Machine learning is just one of what TrombaAI's cognitive automation can do and is integral for the entirety of your process.

Kofax VRS & TotalAgility

All of the scanning work is done by Kofax VRS, eliminating the need to rescan with automatic image correction, regardless of color, size, contrast, condition, or content. Simple tools in document imaging software enable operators to make quick repairs without having to touch the original document. Kofax VRS is the backbone of automatic file sorting, and with the integration of Kofax TotalAgility, you have access to Business Rules in the TrombaAI workspace. Business Rules and VRS together are extremely powerful as Business Rules are boundaries you set so that TrombaAI does what you want it to, exactly how you want it to, so that it fits your work needs, and continues doing it fast and efficiently.

Automatic File Recognition

You can also keep your workspace clean and tidy since TrombaAI is able to automatically recognize different file types and classifies them, whether it be an invoice, application, etc. and put them into their own, neat, electronic pile. And with that, TrombaAI can put the scanned files with an error or missing information into a separate pile for you to find easily and fix, without having to manually check every file, whether they're right or wrong.


Automation can extract both structured and unstructured information. Advanced OCR, multiple OCR engine voting, ICR (handwriting), and OMR mark-sense recognition; all combined with Intelligent Automation rules create the automation required to power high-volume mailroom automation.


TrombaAI integrates with downstream processes or systems of record through either pre-configured, system-specific connectors, API, or standards-based connectors. TrombaAI can also leverage RPA robots to integrate with systems where these connectors are unavailable. In this case, RPA employs built-in integration capabilities that easily map data between source and destination systems, without the need for exposed APIs or web services and without writing integration code.


TrombaAI is an innovative cloud Automation Intelligence solution for the digital workforce of today. Is your organization ready to start using automation technologies? TrombaAI is a transactional subscription-based Automation Intelligence cloud platform designed to remove barriers keeping organizations from the benefits of Automation and Intelligence.

TrombaAI provides all the benefits and eliminates all the risks associated with Automation projects. Transform your manual mailroom and capture processes today into highly accurate and cost-saving Cognitive Document Automation processes! Harness the power of TrombaAI!

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