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Unveiling the Next Generation of TotalAgility

TotalAgility has been consistently at the forefront of our world's digital transformation, providing businesses with the tools to design, manage, and monitor end-to-end processes with ease and efficiency. With TotalAgility 8, Tungsten Automation is excited to introduce groundbreaking AI enhancements that redefine the potential of business process management and automation.

Introducing Generative AI in TotalAgility

We're thrilled to announce the integration of Generative AI into TotalAgility, marking a significant leap in the platform's capabilities. This revolutionary technology will redefine how users interact with Tungsten's platform, allowing for more dynamic and responsive design experiences.

Key Enhancements in the TotalAgility 8.0 Release:

An Expanded Set of RESTful Services

Tungsten is making it even simpler to integrate with TotalAgility thanks to our enhanced RESTful services, ensuring seamless connectivity and interaction. 

Document Libraries for Accelerated Value

A significant highlight of Tungsten's new release is the introduction of Cloud-based Document Libraries. Unlike traditional approaches that require building models from scratch, Document Libraries allow customers to tap into a rich repository of pre-trained models. These models cover common document types across various industries, including Banking, Insurance, Government, Healthcare, and Supply Chain. They live on the cloud and have been seamlessly integrated into TotalAgility 8.

Empowering Citizen Developers

Tungsten Automation understands that the power of a platform is not just in its capabilities but also in its accessibility. That's why they've further augmented their low code quick apps. The quick apps are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing citizen developers to create high-quality, efficient applications without needing deep technical expertise. From designing complex workflows to integrating various data sources, these tools enable citizen developers to bring their innovative ideas to life swiftly and effectively. While empowering creativity and innovation, they also recognize the necessity of maintaining standards and ensuring compliance. To address this, they've bolstered their governance capabilities around the creation, testing, and deployment of solutions designed using the quick apps. Enhanced governance framework includes checks and balances to ensure that the applications not only meet business needs but also adhere to organizational policies. It's about striking the perfect balance between freedom and control, allowing for innovation to flourish within a structured and secure environment.

Generative AI-Driven Design Experience

TotalAgility 8 brings Generative AI into the core of the user experience, transforming how business processes are designed and managed. This marks a significant shift in Tungsten platform's capabilities:

  • By incorporating Generative AI, they  enable users to create more responsive and dynamic forms. This means that forms not only adapt to user inputs, but also anticipate needs based on intelligent AI-driven insights.

  • The ability to craft business rules has been elevated with AI-driven logic and reasoning. It allows for the development of more sophisticated, context-aware processes that can adapt and respond in real-time.

Generative Al Copilot for Development

Leveraging Generative Al, TotalAgility now assists developers in rapidly translating ideas into workflows, forms, data models and more, significantly speeding up the development process.

Generative Al Copilots for Insights

Tungsten's Copilot for Insights uses conversational Al to analyze unstructured data, providing key insights and accelerating decision-making in workflows.

The Transformative Impact of Generative AI

Integrating Generative AI into TotalAgility is more than just a technological enhancement; it's a paradigm shift.

Generative AI is set to redefine how we approach digital transformation by increasing human potential and technological enhancements. TotalAgility stands not just as a platform but as a comprehensive solution that marries the advancements of AI with the practicalities of business process management. Tungsten Automation's approach focuses on using Generative AI in tandem with a broader platform. This will ensure businesses can leverage AI's potential while mitigating its shortcomings. With TotalAgility, organizations are equipped to integrate Generative AI into their existing workflows seamlessly, providing a balanced and effective digital transformation strategy.

The Future is Here with TotalAgility

As we continue to witness the transformative nature of Generative AI, TotalAgility is poised to harness its potential. Tungsten's newest enhancements are not just about keeping pace with technological advancements; they're about setting the pace. Join Tromba in embracing this new era of digital transformation, where Generative AI and TotalAgility come together to unlock unprecedented possibilities.

For more information about Kofax TotalAgility, contact our Kofax experts!

Tromba Technologies helps empower enterprises with process orchestration and Intelligent Automation platform Kofax TotalAgility.  Learn how Intelligent Automation empower your enterprise and begin your automation journey today.

Professional Services

Tromba Technologies provides Tungsten Automation professional services. These include product sales, solutions, license sizing, project design, planning, management, implementation, support, consulting, testing, custom development, and training services. 


Tromba Technologies is a Tungsten Reseller Partner. Tromba's team comprises Tungsten Automation consultants and experts with decades of professional services and support experience with Kofax intelligent automation products. Tungsten products that Tromba provides professional services for are:

  • Tugnsten AP Essentials

  • Tungsten Express

  • Tungsten Capture

  • Tungsten Transformation 

  • Tungsten TotalAgility

  • Tungsten Communication Manager

  • Tungsten RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

  • Tungsten Insight

    • Tungsten Analytics for Capture

    • Tungsten Analytics for TotalAgility

  • Tungsten Import Connectors

  • Tungsten Export Connectors 

With decades of experience with various ERP, ECM, and other Enterprise eco-system platforms, Tromba provides exceptional value in integrating Tungsten Automation products. By using Its knowledge of Cognitive Document Automation (CDA) and understanding of using AI and OCR to automate the acquisition, understanding, and integration of documents needed in your business processes, Tromba strives to bring you automation and increase efficiency without you having to be an expert in Artificial Intelligence.

Learn more about Tromba's professional services for Tungsten Automation products:

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