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Hyperautomation - Tromba Technologies provides automation solution of tomorrow, today

All organizations need more automation today! The rate of change that is being forced on businesses today is unprecedented. Where businesses spend is more critical today than ever before. Businesses have to invest in their improvement and continued sustainability.

Gartner calls “Hyperautomation” one of the 10 Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2020. Much has changed for 2020 already. However, automation is one of the strategies that still remains to help businesses re-invent themselves to meet requirements from a growing mobile workforce to squeezing profits wherever efficiencies can be found. I have to start with the “What is Hyperautomation” as many still do not know about this new industry term. Hyperautomation is the combining of advanced automation technologies like Robotic Process Automation, AI, machine learning, Cognitive Document Automation, and Intelligent Business Process Management to enhance workers and to further automate business processes to overcome previous automation shortcomings where only single automation strategies have been employed.

No single automation tool or strategy can replace human decisions, creativity, and conclusions when solving business process automation shortcomings. Intelligent Business Process Management Suites (iBPMS) thought they had the magic bullet with advanced no-code rules engines, process engines, dynamic process rules and many more advanced process management features. Robotics Process Management offerings thought they had the magic bullet with the ability to automate and mimic the repetitive steps that users performed daily. In most all of these automation strategies, there were key pieces of the puzzle missing. There was little or no AI and machine learning. There was no Cognitive Document Automation that could process mailroom functions in an automated fashion. There were key data puzzle pieces needed to fully implement an AI-driven decision-making automation strategy. That is what Hyper-Intelligent Automation is. It is the maturing of Automation technology platforms and strategies to replace human involvement in physical and digital tasks that require “decision-making” to complete the tasks.

There are times when the topic of Automating business processes can be uncomfortable. However, there are many benefits that organization can immediately receive when automating. Some of those benefits are 1) ability to support a mobile workforce, 2) ability for key business processes to occur at any time on any day, 3) increased productivity = increased business = increased revenue, 4) improved quality = improved accuracy = improved customer experience, 5) reduced time = reduced costs = increased revenue, 5) greater visibility, 6) more efficient task management, 7) improved operational stability, 8) greater customer satisfaction and experience.

Tromba Technologies has been a Kofax Reseller Partner since 2002. Kofax continues to be recognized year after year by Forrester, Gartner, Zinnov, and other Global Business Advisory organizations as a leading global automation technology software manufacturer. Recently, Kofax was recognized as a leader in the Hyperautomation product offerings. Tromba Technologies is certified reseller partner and solution provider for Kofax Cognitive Automation solutions (like Kofax Transformation Modules and Kofax TotalAgility), Kofax Intelligent Business Process Management Suite (Kofax TotalAgility), and Kofax Robotics Process Automation (Kofax RPA). Tromba Technologies provides OnPremise solutions as well as Cloud based automation solutions. Tromba Technologies can help you from automation strategy consulting to full project implementation.

Tromba Technologies KNOWS automation technologies and can build the right solution for your organization. Tromba Technologies will help you navigate the right automation solution quickly! Contact Tromba Technologies today to begin your automation journey.


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