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Let Automation Transform your Accounts Payable

Account Payable documents such as invoices are processed through a chaotic assortment of papers, PDFs, portals, emails, and electronic formats. Kofax AP Automation will keep your processes safe and organized with their portfolio of solutions to perfectly match your accounts payable lifecycle. Kofax’s world-class capture and invoice processing solutions will transform your Accounts Payable chaos into a financial performance engine.

Not only does AP Automation ensure professional customization to your company’s needs; it improves accuracy and efficiency, lowers capture costs, improves cash flow management, achieves compliance, increases visibility, orchestrates key processes, and most importantly ensures success.

All these benefits are achieved with just one of two products: Kofax AP Essentials and Kofax TotalAgility. Which product you choose is completely based on your business needs and our expert consultant would love to help you make your decision. Kofax AP Essentials is a simple Accounts Payable solution for processing invoices and automating their workflows. Kofax TotalAgility is a complete Intelligent Business Process Management Suite platform with Cognitive Document Automation capabilities, Robotics Process Automation capabilities, Hyper-Intelligent/Hyperautomation capabilities, and much more.

AP Essentials

Kofax AP Essentials is a world-class Accounts Payable solution that automates the capture and validation of invoices from any source, in any format. A dedicated cloud operations team ensures optimal performance with around-the-clock monitoring and effortless handling of significant changes in document volumes.

AP Essentials saves time and reduces human labor with adaptive, AI-based capabilities that improve document processing speed and extraction precision. AP Essentials’ workflow automation streamlines invoice processing. AP Essentials also uniquely integrates with ERP and pay-to-procure market leaders like Microsoft D365 Business Central, Microsoft D365 Finance and Operations, Oracle Financial Cloud, Oracle NetSuite, and Coupa Spend Management. AP Essentials also reduces hardware that depreciates over time, achieving ROI quickly with simple set-up and continuous performance monitoring.

Purpose-Built AP Automation in SAP

Kofax AP Essentials Process Director is your comprehensive solution for managing all document and request-driven accounts payable automation in SAP. This ranges from purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash, and record-to-report.

Process Director has a single portal to view, edit, and direct relevant processes quickly and efficiently. SAP Fiori users enjoy an advanced web experience for procurement management with powerful search capabilities, dashboard reporting, and event tracking from any device. Process Director’s transparency in SAP allows you to have the power to measure effectiveness, control cash flow, and assess risks across all your processes. Processes that are cumbersome to manage in SAP become streamlined with automated approval workflows and validations. With manual tasks reduced, staff can work on more strategic projects that add value to the organization.

Kofax TotalAgility

TotalAgility is a complete Intelligent Business Process Management Suite platform that utilizes Cognitive Document Automation capabilities, Robotics Process Automation capabilities, and Hyper-Intelligent capabilities. Kofax TotalAgility transforms critical engagement processes by bringing together disparate technologies into a modern, mobile-first, omnichannel solution. You'll develop and deploy intelligent business processes that create a link between your customers and your internal systems. You will no longer need to maintain or modify monolithic enterprise applications, systems, or repositories. Kofax TotalAgility is flexible enough to handle any type of industry and requirements that you or your customers may have. It’s a browser-based technology that can go anywhere you need to go. It also can deploy mobile applications to help you better connect with your customers.

Kofax AP Agility

Using TotalAgility’s innovative technology, AP Agility gives you market-leading data capture capabilities and goes far beyond basic OCR to capture a range of financial documents from any source, in many commonly scanned file types including several XML formats. It also includes out-of-the-box approval workflows based on best practices and pre-built ERP AP integrations, accelerating your digital workflow transformation journey.

AP Agility uses AI to automate the recognition, identification, and extraction of text and financial data from more channels and content types than any other automation solution. Process financial documents received from any delivery channel, including those submitted electronically. The solution is deployable on-premise, in your own private cloud, or in the Microsoft Azure public cloud. The public cloud allows for instant scalability, reduced costs, less IT dependency and faster time-to-ROI.

AP Automation

The economy is changing how organizations do business and Accounts Payable is strategically positioned to take the next step in modernizing your business. By taking advantage of Kofax’s AP Automation portfolio you are setting up your business for success. Automation builds strong AP departments that creates reliability and organization strengthening supplier relationships. The transparency of an intelligent automation provides financial visibility to your ‘intelligence hub’, Accounts Payable. This financial visibility optimizes your B2B payments and enhances your cash flow and liquidity. This also encourages more collaboration between departments and increases profitability. Automation is transforming Accounts Payable, don’t let your company fall behind in the ever-evolving industry.

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