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Need more time in your day?

With more businesses turning to a remote employee model, face-to-face meetings have become more difficult and problematic. With more conference calls, Teams and Zoom video meetings, remote workers are finding their time even more stretched than before. Many are having to suddenly balance the constant demand for video calls and still get their work done. It is a difficult balance that no one was prepared to tackle overnight.

There is a double-edged sword at work.

The first edge of the sword is time for meetings. Tromba understands that time has always been valuable and is even more valuable now. Full meetings with formality, pleasantries, and presentations may not be as easy to accommodate like before. Tromba is taking that burden on! Here at Tromba, we have started our YouTube channel. We already have presentation videos, animation videos, and product demonstration videos uploaded. Our first videos target the background of “who” Tromba Technologies is, Cognitive Document Automation presentations and demonstrations, and Kofax TotalAgility demonstrations. We already have other videos being produced targeting the benefits for Invoice to Pay Automation and extending FileBound workflow using Kofax RPA (Robotics Process Automation). After that, we will be producing more Kofax and FileBound product demonstrations. Our hope is that these videos will help both existing customers and future customers with knowledge to make automation decisions as they face new and old struggles in their organization’s processes. Check out our YouTube channel to see what we have out there. Subscribe to the channel to receive notifications as we produce more videos to empower your enterprise. Our YouTube channel will allow you to gain knowledge and insight when you are available on your time. We do not just talk about marketing ideas and concepts. The videos show real working demonstrations and examples so that you can see how technology works. If you have questions please email us at If you would like to see more demonstrations, contact us and we will gladly begin those conversations with you.

Our videos also help to address the second “edge” to this sword and that is your need for more time in your day! To get back time in your day so that you can think about and make decisions for your organizations’ growth, direction, and more; you need automation working for you. You need your systems doing more for you. You need your processes being more intelligent. You need your overall business processes doing more with less effort and involvement. The heavy model of pulling employees from valuable tasks to accommodate higher volumes of repetitive menial tasks is no longer sustainable. Tromba Technologies can help you identify repetitive tasks that can be transformed into software robots to work 24/7 for you. We will help you design and implement an automation strategy so that your business processes work for you. With Tromba’s automation solutions, you can get back time in your day and provide more value back into your business.

Contact Tromba Technologies today at to begin your automation journey!


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