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Parascript Document Processing

Organizations are pressured to meet ever-changing customer expectations. When manual document processing fails, businesses must use industry-leading services to manage all documents, whether scanned, faxed, or generated from online applications. These services are critical to maximize efficiency, adaptability, and the customer experience, all while reducing costs. However, many of these document processing services result in the same amount of human intervention with little to no learning capabilities. Parascript's Document Processing uses intelligent learning to turn complex, time consuming, costly, and error prone activities into simple optimized configurations. Parascript enables straight through processing for document classification, separation, and high-quality extraction from the cleanest to messiest documents.


IDP Suite:

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Suite uses smart learning to design and deploy intelligent document processing solutions; no skills are required. Parascript’s IDP Suite capabilities enable the broadest range of automation scenarios, including fully transcribing handwriting or parsing complex unstructured text. If you can dream it, you can realize it with FormXtra.AI IDP Suite.


Traditional methods to recognize handwriting require implementing very specific constraints. Automation is limited to particular data types (such as amounts or dates). Also, since it requires extensive configuration using patterns and expected values, the ability to reliably recognize handwriting is complex. Whether it is part of an onboarding process using a hand-completed application or submitting a claims request with specific handwritten information, handwriting in all forms is part of daily business operations. While handwritten fields are a relatively small amount of all data, they represent a large share of the document processing costs.

FieldXpert.AI is a recognition API that enables reliable recognition of handwritten values in form fields without configuring or tuning. With modern deep learning-based machine learning, FieldXpert.AI achieved new levels of performance, enabling handwriting recognition to be part of any process automation project.


FormXtra.AI is an easy-to-use document classification, data location, extraction, and validation solution that uses machine learning to reduce upfront and ongoing configuration to minutes instead of months. It significantly reduces the complexity and costs associated with document classification and data extraction by automatically configuring image perfection, classification, and data extraction rules.

Once in production, this self-learning capture system also constantly improves performance. Maintaining ongoing system performance in dynamic production environments becomes effortless. Automated sample curation and production machine learning enables FormXtra.AI to adapt to new changing streams of documents in the background. Instead, documents are processed without any danger of performance degradation.

FormXtra.AI recognizes machine print (OCR), all forms of handwriting—constrained and unconstrained handprint and cursive handwriting (ICR), optical marks, and barcodes within the same user application and without complex rules or add-ons. It processes any document type—forms, checks, invoices, remittances, mail, and documents with variable formats and content.


  • Form Automation: Automate your forms-based processes with the industry’s most accurate and trusted form data extraction. Parascript software offers the best available handwriting recognition and machine-print capture solution with higher quality results than OCR form processing.

  • Invoice Automation: Parascript machine learning, template-less invoice recognition, organizes and simplifies invoice processing while providing more accurate data extraction results. Parascipt's pre-tuned invoice capture software allows you to immediately process large volumes of invoices unattended with highly accurate, reliable results with automatic verification, ensuring significant time and cost savings.

  • Receipt Automation: Parascript FormXtra.AI for receipts offers the industry’s most accurate receipt data extraction solution powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Parascript’s template-less document recognition solution enables organizations to easily classify and extract key data from all receipts, including handwritten tips and totals. More than 85% of receipt data can be extracted at accuracy rates greater than 95% using the Parascript FormXtra.AI for receipts.

  • Claims Automation: Parascript claims document automation provides the industry’s highest level of performance, guaranteed. Solve the last mile that drags your claims processing down using advanced deep-learning automation from Parascript.

  • Document Classification Automation: Parascript Document Classification software, using a variety of machine learning algorithms, easily classifies and separates your documents to support various business needs, including customer service, compliance, discovery, and data management applications. Our software eliminates manual processes and provides immediate access to your document data.

  • Single-pass Extraction for Both Text & Handwritten Data: There is no need to decide or manage multiple configurations. Let Parascript Smart Learning detect the data type and use the best extraction method with the highest levels of precision. Automate your forms-based processes with the industry’s most accurate and trusted form data extraction. Parascript FormXtra.AI form automation offers the best available handwriting recognition and machine-print capture solution with higher quality results than OCR form processing.

Tromba Technologies has years of expertise in helping organizations with Intelligent Document Processing. Parascript creates best-in-class AI software that streamlines access to your data with unequaled precision. They are a trusted provider of state-of-the-art solutions in cognitive computing, applying computer vision and artificial intelligence to a number of markets. Parascript was the first to solve the cursive handwriting puzzle. Over the past 25 years, they’ve grown to be the source for applied artificial intelligence technologies for some of the largest postal services and other Global 2000 organizations. Start your document processing journey today!

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